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Customer Review

March 11, 2017
Works great on an iPhone 6S. I've been using it for over a year now to make movies using FilmicPro, and the audio quality is great. The native camera app picks up on it as well, and so do other apps like Snapchat. If you're recording any sort of video outdoors, this thing makes a world of difference.

For some reason there is the occasional moment where the mic records a strong amount of static/noise, but those are few and very far between. Also, please note that this won't work on your DSLR if it doesn't have TRRS support.

Before purchasing, I was a little hesitant about the cost, but it has certainly proven its worth. One final thing to note is that you can get 3.5mm TRRS extension cables, connect them between this mic and your phone, and attach the mic to a pole for a makeshift boom mic. They have to be TRRS, though. Otherwise it won't work.
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