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Customer Review

February 14, 2018
Picks up sound quite well, but seems to be more responsive in the mid to higher frequency ranges. The only thing that disturbs me is the vibration isolator. It feels very delicate and its durability for transport is a concern. I suggest a hard case for it that will cradle the mic and prevent it from being compressed. I purchased this because the Canon T6s has its microphones positioned right next to the lens mount (right next to the lens motor). My sigma 28-300mm lens is horribly noisy when the servo is active. This eliminates *most* of the lens noise. Canon also seems to have issues with low level white noise when using an additional mic. Setting the attenuator to on clears up most of it. I'm using it with a custom combiner cable to allow a wireless mic to be used at the same time and it works great. I was asked to film a funeral last minute and's one day shipping came through.
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